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He is Listening.......


re doing in our life whether its wrong or right. 
In this film 7 different peoples ,a Rickshaw Puller,Rex,Amena,Onkush,Poulomi,Poulomi's Mother,Rokeya & David of 3 different religions, Islam,Hindu & Christian gets into a circle of payback where they continuously pray to there God for fulfill there bad intentions.And they fulfills there bad intentions.And when the payback starts almost every characters gets back whatever they does between 24 hours. 
The payback don't always acts right on everyone.Some gets it in a small shape but some one like the poor people gets it back very badly. It's Just throws a question towards the people "Does God really Hears?and if he really hearse why those people who faces troubles and calls him,he doesn't listens?"

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

This is strictly not a film which is made to indicate any religion badly or people badly.

Directed by: 
Mohammed Yeasin
Produced by: 
Mohammed Yeasin
Cinematography by: 
Sazzat Parvez Sajib
Film Editing by: 
Mohammed Yeasin
Release Date: 
Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Total votes: 12936