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FEMINISTA, by Myriam Fougère, documentary, 60 min, Canada, 2017.

Feminista is a feminist road movie, a journey to the heart of global feminism. In 2015, Myriam Fougere joined a group of young activists who had formed a caravan to travel across twenty European countries from Turkey to Portugal, by the way of the Balkans, to Italy, Spain and Portugal. Revealing how this new breed of politicized women inhabit their personal lives, Feminista documents how a dedicated international group of caravan dwelling young feminists traveled across a myriad of miles and territories to unite forces with other women. Fighting oppression, participating in local political gatherings, supporting homegrown local feminist activists, we watch face-to-face encounters and experience how understandings of local struggles build alliances of support. As a breath of solidarity, Feminista provides a rare glimpse into a widespread feminist groundswell movement, possibly one of the largest least understood and unrecognized mass political movement that is very much alive throughout the world today.

60 min
English subtitle: 
Screenings / Awards: 

Roma cinema doc, Rome, Italie, avril 2017

Mix Milano, Italie, June 2017

Milwaukee Women's film Festival, septembre 2017

Q Flix Worcester, septembre 2017

Florence Queer Festival, octobre 2017

Vox Femina Film Festival, Zagreb, 25-29 octobre, 2017

Festival International de cine LGBT de Madrid, 30 octobre 2017

Cineffable, Paris, novembre 2017

Pink Life Queer Festival, Ankara, Turquie, 11-18 janvier, 2018

Pink Life Queer Festival, Istambul, 26-28 janvier, 2018

Toronto International Independent Film Festival, preselected.


Directed by: 
Myriam Fougere
Writing credits: 
Myriam Fougere
Milena Tadukhepa Natalija Laptosevic Carolina Moreira Trude Menrath Sara Leão Mina Damnjanovic Jodie Roy Gordana Simonovic Veljkovic Clara Carbunar Nadica Marinković Biljana Ginova Marija Vuletic Marion Lafon Lisa Steininger Alessandra Ceregatti Brigit Baumeister Tania La Tella Chiara Cerruti Raffaella Sorressa Chiara Curinga Barbara Ferusso FadilaSebihi Fatima Ouhrochan Farida Franca Patera Amelia Torno (Meli) Maria Toresano Basilio Carme Murias Yildiz Temürtürkan Vania Martins
Produced by: 
Myriam Fougere and Pauline Voisard
Music by: 
U Pol 9 Kod Sabe Natashe Leroux and Anna Cuenca
Cinematography by: 
Myriam Fougere
Film Editing by: 
Myriam Fougere
Art Direction by: 
Myriam Fougere
Other crew: 
Additional camera Natalija Laptosevic Narration Isabelle Hodgson Sound mix Martin Hurtubise
Release Date: 
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Total votes: 5546