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Everyday with Gary Bay



GARY BAY is a loser. This is the story of his comeback. 

Set in a sitcom world, We meet 31 year-old Gary at what he calls the “tail-end of a lifetime of letdown.” Gary’s life has been filled with embarrassment, harassment, failure, addiction, bullying, and just plain old bad luck. Gary has had enough, and is ready to pull his own plug. Just then

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

This project was near and dear to our hearts.  We tried to capture the nostalgia of the 90's shows and films that we grew up with and molded our interests in entertainment.  We took a really fun idea and creative work by Jason and attempted to work out a budgetable creative piece that we hope is as fun for audiences to watch as it was for us to make.  What made this work such an accomplishment for us is the fact that we put in all the work ourselves with a t5i and a desktop computer and cast our friends and colleagues (most of whom had never acted) to play a part in this vision.  These friends played such and integral part in the process and brought a natural essence to their characters and a completely selfless volunteering of their time and talents to which we are truly grateful.  We hope you enjoy Everyday with Gary Bay.

Screenings / Awards: 

Pre-Selection - Cinema Los Angeles 2018

Directed by: 
Jason Berry
Writing credits: 
Jason Berry
William F. Bryant Jason Berry Rachel Guess Angie Storey Miriam Arredondo Yaniv Bercowitz Walter Black Andrew Behm Dan Scott Hanna Bratton Mike Callahan Meggan Berry Dave Guess
Produced by: 
William F. Bryant Jason Berry
Cinematography by: 
Jason Berry
Film Editing by: 
William F. Bryant
Casting by: 
Jason Berry
Production Design by: 
William F. Bryant
Makeup Department: 
Meggan Berry
Production Management: 
William F. Bryant Jason Berry
Release Date: 
Thursday, August 10, 2017
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