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Every man has a price


Felice is a young winemaker who runs his winery with passion, helped by his worker and friend Nicola. An entrepreneur in the prime of his political rise, Michele Colucci, makes a generous offer to Felice to buy his property. Felice at first refuses firmly. Later relations between them are mediated by Magda, secretary of Colucci, and close to Felice, who must make his choice: to succumb to the pressures of Colucci or stand and fight for the defense of his property and dignity.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Andrea Filardi
Writers: Lucia Laurenzana, Andrea Filardi.
Producers: "Sensi Contemporanei Basilicata" con il coordinamento di “Cinemadamare”
Key cast: Antonio Andrisani, Gabriele Cirigliano, Daniela Iallorenzi

Total votes: 1398

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