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Draw Not War


DRAW NOT WAR is the story of the different stages of a long and difficult project. From birth to the presentation. Three short cartoon films, on the topic of dialogue and peace, are made by students, from countries which are subject to conflicts, like Israel/Palestine, Bosnia and North Ireland. These students were asked to produce three short films, created and screenplayed by themselves. Because of the high content of values of this project, U2 and Pearl Jam granted, exceptionally, the use of three tracks ( Sunday Bloody Sunday, Staring at The Sun and Insignificance) that are the soundtrack to the short films. DRAW NOT WAR shows the birth of the idea, the arrival of the delegations at Genoa to write screenplays and following months with travels to their countries. In addition, of course, it shows the three finished anmated videos. Sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Medail from President of Italian Repubblic

Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Matteo Valenti

Writers: Matteo Valenti

Producers: Mauro Bruzzone

Key cast: students


Director: Matteo Valenti

Compositing, assistant director, screenwriter for several animated TV series, feature films and music videos. Screenwriting teacher at European Institute of Design in Milan

Director’s Statement

Wars between ethnic groups or even more between religions have always troubled me deeply. Sarajevo, Belfast, Londonderry, Jerusalem and Palestine. I’ve always considered these places as very close to us. I wanted to do something that includes students from these areas. 
Barbed wire,fences that shut down, neighbourhoods at 6pm, violent murals,walls that separate cities and people, buildings with scars left by those, who used to be neighbours. All this is daunting and not always comprehensible; it takes effort to listen to others’ reasons, and even more to understand their fears. Maybe it is indeed fear that gives rise to it all. But there are also: murals of peace, signs of hope and friendship, people who want a better future and work to achieve it, people who helped us, lots of them.


Screenings / Awards: 
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  • Present from Pearl Jam

  • Medail from President of Italian Repubblic


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