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Clyde's Game


Clyde’s Game is a romantic tragedy about coping with loss. The story follows the relationship between Clyde, a talented yet hopelessly eccentric game designer, and Lara, an ambitious game producer who sports a cane to support a knee injury. Forced together by contractual obligation, they must find common ground between them to save their innovative save their innovative n

Information for the Audience: 
Clyde's Game is a personal, slightly quirky story intended for people who love video games and love movies and are interested in seeing how both artistic mediums can come together to create a unique experience. This project was the first animation I ever started (it took quite a long time to finish), and quickly grew to be a labor of love for everyone involved. I humbly hope that this movie will engage, entertain, and relate to its audience (at least for the duration of its runtime), and maybe even help people to consider the growing similarities between the various artistic mediums that it conveys.
Screenings / Awards: 

New York City International Film Festival



Information for theatres: 

Will Howard is a young Film maker and storyteller living in NYC. He seeks to tell stories that push the boundaries of what we think of as a story.

Distribution budget: 
Directed by: 
Will Howard
Writing credits: 
Will Howard
Mike Harris Hannah Rose Christian Velasco-Mills Ed Maher
Produced by: 
Will Howard Jeremy Lerner (Associate Producer)
Music by: 
Waver Fallace
Cinematography by: 
Jesse LoCasio Aaron Roman Christian Velasco Mills
Film Editing by: 
Will Howard
Casting by: 
Production Design by: 
Art Direction by: 
Ben Levitz
Set Decoration by: 
Costume Design by: 
Makeup Department: 
Production Management: 
Derek Dube
Other crew: 
Andrew Coppinger - Lead Animator Sebastian Reetz - Assistant Director Andrea Elmes - Production Assistant Hyuga Takagi - Sound Designer Camilla Sierup - PA
Release Date: 
Friday, April 22, 2016
Official website:
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