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 A girl and a boy spend together last days of their carefree summer break,
while the date is approaching when the girl will have to leave the country for good.
A young woman and a young man first meet by listening to each other through the walls
of an old building. They bond quickly and enter a passionate love affair.
While she explores the city she had left as a child, he inexplicably feels that they have met
A woman and a man separate after 20 years of marriage. Each of them tries to find a place of one’s own, but something doesn’t allow them to move on.
The summer is boiling hot, streets of Belgrade are empty, stories of these couples intertwine almost randomly. As the narrative unfolds, a larger picture of only one couple emerges -
- one couple in three key stages of their life.

English subtitle: 


Directed by: 
Maša Nešković
Writing credits: 
Written by: Maša Nešković / Vladimir Arsenijević / Staša Bajac
Daria Lorenci Flatz Uliks Fehmiu Mira Janjetović Mladen Sovilj Lola Vitasović Mateja Poljčić
Produced by: 
Producer: Snezana van Houwelingen, Co-Producer: Ines Vasiljević Co-Producer: Martina Lajtner
Music by: 
Composer: Janja Lončar Sound designers: Miloš Drndarević / Vladimir Živković/ Vladimir Uspenski
Cinematography by: 
Djordje Arambašić
Film Editing by: 
Marija Šarac
Casting by: 
Milica Tomović
Production Design by: 
Jovana Cvetković i Jelena Sopić
Set Decoration by: 
Jovana Cvetković i Jelena Sopić
Costume Design by: 
Biljana Grgur
Makeup Department: 
Marija Kovačević Jovanović
Release Date: 
Friday, July 5, 2019
Total votes: 965