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Millions of sand grains leap into motion by the magical tone at 2,750 Hz. Patterns arise. Shapes appear. Humans emerge – creating their own unique patterns of attraction and repulsion.  Do they follow some divine frequency of attraction?

Captivating and stirring, the short film 2.57k strips down life to its basics and allows us to see and hear the extraordinary. 

Stunning imagery and an ethereal soundscape add to the memorable viewing experience of this award-winning film which is a favourite of many festivals around the globe.

Information for the Audience: 

Incredible, impressive work!         Christian Zyp, interview on CJSR

A shortfilm unlike any other you’ll have seen.     Portia Clarke, interview at CBC Radio Active

With its surreal, poetic imagery, 2.57k is a transporting experience. Shifting between fantasy and reality, this atmospheric short film reaches spectacular visual heights, depicting emotions in places where dialogue could not even scratch the surface.            CineWomen Magazine, International Publication

The cinematography is incredibly crisp, ideas are clear … the performers execute the choreography with grace and not a single movement seems wasted. Congratulations!     Enrrico Wood – Oaxaca Filmfest Curator

Visual imagery, music and technical aspects were stunning.  The vision and skills of the three collaborators and their cast & crew truly came together in this beautiful and intense story with multiple and deep layers.

Jill Watamaniuk, past programming coordinator at METRO Cinema


Screenings / Awards: 

Festival du Monde Montreal World Film Festival,  Montreal, Canada

Cannes Court Metrage Shortfilm Corner

New York Independent Film Festival , USA (Best Experimental Short Film)

Reel Earth Film Festival, New Zealand

Female Eye Film Festival Toronto, Canada (Best Experimental/Art Film)

Arizona International Film Festsival, USA (Best Experimental Short Film)

Festsival de Cortos de Bogota, Colombia

Jasper Short Film Festival, Canada (Best Film by an  Established Filmmaker)

Edmonton Film Prize (Best of the Year) Canada

Sarasota International Film Festival, USA

Aesthetica Short Film Festial, York, Great Brittain

Taos Shortz Film Festival, Columbia, USA

Mykonos Biennale, Greece

Dawson City International Shortfilm Festival, Canada

San Antonio Int. Film Festival, TX USA

and many more

Information for theatres: 

 My dcp is working very well. 

This is a black&white film with surround audio. It should work well and look beautiful. Gracias and enjoy it.


Directed by: 
Eva Colmers
Writing credits: 
Eva Colmers
Tonby Olivares and Amber Borotsik
Produced by: 
Eva Colmers
Music by: 
Gary James Joynes
Cinematography by: 
aAron munson
Film Editing by: 
aAron munson
Casting by: 
Eva Colmers
Production Design by: 
Larry Kelly
Art Direction by: 
Larry Kelly
Set Decoration by: 
Larry Kelly
Costume Design by: 
Amy Seebaran
Production Management: 
Eva Colmers
Release Date: 
Wednesday, August 3, 2016
Official website:
Total votes: 8397