Singapore Paranormal Myth

Have you ever wonder if life existed beyond us? Do you believe in ghost? Are they always around us?

Total votes: 4138

Privileged is a Film which raises lot of questions on Indian traditions and Myths for womans when they are Menstruation cycle /Periods.

Total votes: 1288
Sling Express

She has a secret and i need to know what it is

Total votes: 1003
Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen

Total votes: 5437
Siam Burma Death Railway

Total votes: 4882

MAYUR, which means “peacock” in Sanskrit, is a 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution abstract, visual music animation inspired by Asian cosmologies, symbols and music.

Total votes: 1091
An Echo of theModern Part 1

This film takes an abstract look at how colonialism's left its former subjects in a state of disarray.

Total votes: 1078
I See You See I See You

In a world of visually discernible information, one does as one sees.

Total votes: 2715
虹 Red
Total votes: 1103
Penyakit Pagi (Morning Sickness)

Total votes: 1273
1% Chance of Sunshine


Total votes: 904

4 intertwined stories explore the notion of love in a hotel, how important love is, to what extremes we go to make it happen, but in difference situations an

Total votes: 4532
Tara- A Journey into Gender, Identity, Art & Noise

A documentary that interweaves identity, gender, art and the musical subgenre- noise.

Total votes: 803

3 women accidentally kidnap their favorite Korean Idol while holidaying in Seoul.

Total votes: 582
Ave Maria

After a typhoon devastates his village in the Philippines, Emilio, a school teacher, travels to Singapore to bring his mysteriously uncontactable domestic wo

Total votes: 591
My Love Sinema

A young filmmaker discovers the touching life story of a retired cinema projectionist and his unending love for his teacher.

Total votes: 787
One Hour To Daylight

'One Hour to Daylight' is a social drama adapted from 4 individual short stories by award-winning Singaporean writers loosely based on the infamous 2011 Curr

Total votes: 563
There's Always Tomorrow

Ex-lovers Anthony & Durga, who are now happily settled in their respective married lives, have a chance meeting after a gap of eight years in Abu Dhabi,

Total votes: 767
Flesh & Blood

A housewife abandons her husband and son to escape the confines of an unfulfilled marriage.

Total votes: 632

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